Participant Testimonials

Students, including NC Cooperative Extension and other professionals supporting local food systems development, shared the following comments about the training:

  • "I have already used parts of this class in local food policy council meetings and advisory council meetings. It has helped me to educate community members about the sectors of the food system and how we all play a part and what we can do to better the food system."

  • "I have a much better understanding of the history of our food system which sheds light on what we take as a given ... I am now also better able to express the benefits and impacts of the local food system which gives me confidence in these conversations moving forward." 

Regarding the community engagement training content, some of the students shared the following statements:

  • "Overall, I would say that my work is often focused on local food initiatives, however there have been so many new thoughts, ideas, terms, processes, etc. in just the first two courses of this series that I feel I can now use to make even more of an impact through my teaching and material development..."

  • "I feel more confident in my ability to connect with stakeholders and understand the different goals in the room."

  • "I now understand the methodologies behind positive community change and have some concrete examples of how/where that's happening around NC."


Regarding the introduction to food systems training content, some of the students shared the following statements:

  • "[The training] has helped me to design more structured and efficient programming/efforts to reach specifically identified goals of the population I serve."

  • "This course is helping me overcome a learning curve of being new to the food movement… I think this course will help me get up to speed to be able to get more involved in community food systems activities..."

Regarding the introduction to policy training content, some of the students shared the following statements:

  • "This course was extremely helpful in preparing me for the opportunity to educate the community on how to develop a high performing local foods system by equipping me with knowledge of direct examples, community impacts and terminology on how the system operates."

  • "This course empowered me to think more critically about my work and how I can engage local Policy makers."

  • "Personally, engaging in policy change has always seemed scary or limited to 'call your congressperson; I like how this course provides a roadmap for engagement, and demonstrates how little 'p' policy change can be an effective, grassroots way to strengthen my local food system."

Regarding the content, activities, and framework of the course, some students said the following: 

  • "I think that the different mediums for providing content (short and long videos, interactive case studies, text, periodic questions that I had to consider and answer...) were helpful in keeping me engaged in the subject matter. I also felt like the flow of the course built in a nice way to help me better understand a local food project in my community that I was previously unaware of."

  • "I appreciate that this course mixes technical knowledge with stories from people working in our communities."