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Participant Testimonials

Course evaluations from 2022 showed that:

  • 93% of the participants were satisfied or very satisfied with the overall quality of three courses.

  • An average of 83% of online course participants indicated increased knowledge on how to support local food systems development in their communities after completing at least one online course.


Students, including NC Cooperative Extension and other professionals supporting local food systems development, shared the following comments about the training:

Regarding the introduction to food systems training content:

  • “The food system can seem like a real nebulous web of things, but this course helped clarify real actors and influences on the local level. It was an excellent overview.”

Regarding the community engagement training content:

  • “This course has helped strengthen my knowledge of local food systems and how to engage, encourage and organize community members to work toward food system goals.”

Regarding the introduction to policy training content:

  • "Personally, engaging in policy change has always seemed scary or limited to 'call your congressperson; I like how this course provides a roadmap for engagement, and demonstrates how little 'p' policy change can be an effective, grassroots way to strengthen my local food system."

Regarding the content, activities, and framework of the course

  • "I think that the different mediums for providing content (short and long videos, interactive case studies, text, periodic questions that I had to consider and answer...) were helpful in keeping me engaged in the subject matter. I also felt like the flow of the course built in a nice way to help me better understand a local food project in my community that I was previously unaware of."

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