Are you an existing or aspiring local food system practitioner working for Extension, a local government, a community development organization, non-profit, or another organization with a local food system focus? After taking this training, you'll understand the structure and components of local food systems and learn how to leverage assets and resources at every stage of the supply chain, from farms through to consumers to make food system change in your community.

Through a multi-disciplinary approach, you can develop skills for collaborating across disciplines to support local food system expansion.

About Us

Find out about the folks who are creating these Courses through a collaborative effort of Extension professionals from several Southeastern land-grant universities.


These courses are designed for working professionals and utilize various types of engaging activities, including lectures, readings, forum posts, and virtual field trips. 


Stakeholders include individuals at multiple Southeastern universities, Extension professionals, government agencies, farmers...

How to Register

Registration for this professional development training series will be processed through NC State University's McKimmon Center for Extension and Continuing Education...

Student Testimonials

Students participating in the 2016/2017 pilot run of the training series shared comments about the training. For example, "[The training] has helped [me] to more clearly understand the need for a diverse approach to developing a local food system that takes into account not just individual choices but how social, environmental and macro influences can affect someone’s behavior."

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